Logical Termini

Logical termini are the limits of the project to be evaluated in the environmental process; the rational end points for transportation improvements and review of environmental impacts.

Logical termini and purpose and need interact with one another. As investigations into data, transportation problems, and impacts to resources continues, there can be rationale for modifying the logical termini based on new information obtained.

Proposed termini for the Rethinking I-94 Phase 2 program of projects is Hiawatha Avenue/Hwy 55 and at the Marion Street crossing of I-94. The logical termini encompass an area that has older and more deficient infrastructure than areas to the west and east of the termini. MnDOT has been upgrading roadway and bridge infrastructure east and west of the proposed termini.

Non-motorized crossings map

The Federal Highway Administration requires that the project logical termini meet three principles in order to avoid commitments to transportation improvements before the impacts are fully evaluated:

  1. Connect logical termini and be of sufficient length to address environmental matters on a broad scope.
  2. Have independent utility or independent significance, i.e., be usable and be a reasonable expenditure even if no additional transportation improvements in the area are made.
  3. Not restrict consideration of alternatives for other reasonably foreseeable transportation improvements

Western end

This location was identified due to current investments and improvements and active construction west of the I-35W interchange. This location is also at a system to system connection, where travel patterns can split and change based on origins and destinations served.

Eastern end

Terminating at Marion Street ends just prior to the system to system connections where the travel patterns split, and change based on origins and destinations served.

Areas beyond the termini

MnDOT recognizes the concerns from partner agencies about areas to the west and east of the proposed logical termini that were a part of Rethinking I-94 Phase 1. MnDOT is committed to working with its partners to develop scopes of work for studying I-94 in greater detail from I-35W/TH 55 to the northern limits of the City of Minneapolis at Broadway Avenue, as well as from Marion Street to Hwy 61 in Saint Paul.