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RTAP - Scholarships Application

Rural Transit Assistance Program

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RTAP Scholarship Funds


Minnesota RTAP provides reimbursement funds for organizations to increase their professional knowledge and expertise through training, workshops and conferences. These events may be located either in either in or out-state Minnesota.

This form is to be used for any event, workshop or seminar outside of the regular MN RTAP Driver Training Classes. To register for these classes ( passenger Assistance, Defensive Driving/Abuse Prevention or Driver Refresher Course) visit the RTAP Training Page.


Note: Do not use this form for the Driver Training Program (Passenger Assistance, Defensive Driving/Maltreatment Awareness, Driver Refresher)




1. Application must be filled out completely to be considered for reimbursement.

2. A scholarship application can include up to five applicants attending the same event. Please fill out a separate scholarship application for additional applicants or for another event.

3. Applications must be submitted to MN RTAP at least 30 days prior to the event in order for the application to be considered.

4. The agency contact will be notified via email confirmation regarding the status of the scholarship application after the application process has closed Make sure contact email is accurate to ensure that confirmation is received.


Any information that you provide is considered public data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13. This means that if someone, including the news media, requests this information we are obligated to provide it to them under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. See Disclaimer


Application for RTAP Scholarships



Primary Contact Information. Please provide contact information for the manager or administrative support person who is coordinating this application.


* Required field









Please tell us about the class or event you are asking for reimbursement for. Include name, location and dates of event.



Please provide the names of people who will be attending this class or event




Expense Estimate

Please provide estimated expenses for this opportunity. Keep all receipts, after the class you will need to fill out an expense reimbursement form (PDF, 94 KB) and mail it along with your receipts to the office of Transit. Please see guidelines (PDF, 80 KB) for more detail about expense reimbursement. Reimbursements will be sent to your organization, not to the individual drivers.




Please carpool when possible. Calculate roundtrip mileage to your agency rate or the IRS rate whichever is lower. For example: 50 x .565 = $28.25





Meals that are not provided as part of the training program




3 x 150 = $450.00

Other Expenses




Total expenses






If I ‘submit’ this RTAP Scholarship Request, I understand that if approved for an RTAP Scholarship, the attendee must fill out and submit a Scholarship Report. This report must be submitted along with reimbursement forms after the event.


This report does NOT apply to the Mn Statewide Bus Rodeo, MnDOT Spring Workshop or MN Public Transit Assoc. Fall Conference.