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Request a class at your location


In addition to the already scheduled Passenger Assistance Training, Defensive Driving and Maltreatment Awareness and

Driver Refresher classes, your transit organization can offer to host a class.


View Host Agency brochure (PDF, 237 KB)


You make the arrangements for a classroom and equipment, we'll provide the instructors.


To request a class, please fill out the form below. If you have questions, contact the RTAP staff.


Any information that you provide is considered public data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13. This means that if someone, including the news media, requests this information we are obligated to provide it to them under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. See Disclaimer

Request a Class


Which class are you requesting?



When would you like to offer this course?

Please tell us your first and second choices, include date and time. The Passenger Assistance and Defensive Driving Maltreatment Awareness classes are eight-hour classes, the Driver Refresher class is a four-hour class. You may request Saturday or Sunday classes and include evening hours.






Tell us about you


Primary Contact Information. Please provide contact information for the manager or administrative support person who is coordinating this registration.


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Tell us about your training facility





Please review the list below and check all that apply. NOTE: In most cases you must be able to say yes to all of these items. Please use the comments field to provide additional information or clarification if needed.


Classroom Space: Our organization will provide classroom space for the training that will seat up to 15 students comfortably (for Passenger Assistance) or up to 25 students comfortably (for Defensive Driving/Abuse Prevention or Driver Refresher.


Equipment for all classes: Our organization will provide the following audio/visual equipment for the classroom: TV, VCR and DVD player(NOTE: 36 inch TV screen preferred.)


Passenger Assistance Classes Only


We provide a garage space for the "hands on" portion of the class.


We can provide a bus for the "hands on" portion of the class.


We can provide a wheel chair for the "hands on" portion of the training.



Our organization will guarantee that at least three students will attend this training class.(Students can be from your organization as well as others from neighboring transit organizations.)


Once your class is approved you will need to register your drivers.


Our organization will allow MN RTAP to advertise our class and welcome student enrollment from outside of our organization.

Reimbursement Request Information

Note: Drivers from the host organization are not eligible for mileage reimbursement thru RTAP.





Make a copy of the "summary" page which will follow this form, for your records. YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED REGARDING YOUR APPLICATION STATUS.