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RTAP driver training classes

Defensive Driving and Maltreatment Awareness classes are usually offered together.

  • Defensive Driving - Coaching the Van Driver is a classroom program that highlights the differences between a regular sedan and high profile vehicle that reinforces safe driving habits.
  • Maltreatment Awareness - A classroom program that acquaints staff with Minnesota statutes related to vulnerable adults and minors. (4-hours)
  • Passenger Assistance Training - A classroom and hands on program that teaches drivers how to effectively assist and communicate with passengers who are elderly or disabled.
  • Driver Refresher - Recommended every three years, this class reviews the essentials of the above classes. (4-hours)

General information

  • Class times may change to meet the needs of the host organization.
  • Addresses and directions will be emailed to management contacts one week prior to scheduled class date.
  • Contact Lora Bennett if you do not receive class confirmation one week prior to class.