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Automated Rapid Transit
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Automated Rapid Transit Information

Automated Rapid Transit is a public transportation concept that may offer on-demand, non-stop transportation using smaller independent vehicles on a network of specially built guide ways. It is part of an emerging effort to evaluate modal innovations being considered, designed and tested to improve mobility and sustainability. Also known as Personal Transit Network, Group Rapid Transit or PodCars, ART vehicles typically carry four to six passengers, are computer-controlled, and operate on, or are suspended below, an elevated guideway.




State and federal funds currently are not available to support ART development in Minnesota. Mn/DOT suggests proponents and interested parties seek out private investors and develop project proposals to a higher degree. At that time and if public funding becomes available, public-private partnerships may support efforts to pursue innovative transportation strategies, including ART, that are sustainable, improve mobility and provide a measurable return on investment




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