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Minnesota Ride Link

Connecting veterans, military families and caregivers to transportation options

What is Minnesota Ride Link?

Minnesota Ride Link connects veterans, military families and other clients to transportation resources.

The goal of Minnesota Ride Link is to improve access for veterans, military families, and other customers to transportation resources by connecting them to a single source of information about rides in their local area.

They can access locally available transportation services that connect them with work, education, health care, and other vital services through a single phone call or by visiting a single web page.

To help with this effort, the Minnesota Ride Link project funds technology enhancements necessary to add transportation agencies and veteran service organizations to the MinnesotaHelp Network™, the state’s existing information and referral system for human services and other forms of aid and assistance. Staff at the network's member agencies can easily route and transfer calls, chat, conference, and send secure email in real-time so that customers can receive the information they need to quickly schedule a ride. In addition, the Minnesota Ride Link project funds improvements to the MinnesotaHelp Network’s™ comprehensive online directory at www.MinnesotaHelp.info making it easier for the public to find transportation information via the web.

Minnesota Ride Link is funded through a federal Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative grant and state sources of funds.


The Minnesota Ride Link project will be executed in three phases. Eligible agencies will be added to the MinnesotaHelp Network™ during Phase I or Phase III. Eligible agencies include County Veterans Service Officers, public and non-profit transportation providers, inter-city bus providers, VA hospitals, homes and clinics, and other veteran service organizations.

Phase I: Southwest Minnesota entities join MinnesotaHelp Network™ (27 counties)

Phase II: Enhancement of MinnesotaHelp.info website to improve transportation information

Phase III: Remaining Greater Minnesota agencies join MinnesotaHelp Network (53 counties)
Expected completion fall 2015

For participating agencies

Current Minnesota Ride Link participants should use the following resources for detailed information about using MinnesotaHelp Network™ tools.

  • Handbook for new MinnesotaHelp Network™ participants (PDF, 1 MB)
    This handbook describes the type of assistance provided by the MinnesotaHelp Network™’s members, including call center staff, general public transportation providers, non-profit transportation providers, and veteran service organizations. The handbook describes protocols for call referrals and on-going requirements among members of the network.