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Greater Minnesota Regional Transportation Coordinating Councils

Program overview

The Minnesota Departments of Transportation and Human Services, in collaboration with other state agencies through the Minnesota Council on Transportation Access (MCOTA), are working with local governments and organizations to create Regional Transportation Coordinating Councils (RTCCs) as appropriate throughout Greater Minnesota. Coordination between transportation providers, service agents, and the private sector is a goal to fill transportation gaps, streamline access to transportation and provide individuals more options of where and when to travel.

What is an RTCC?

RTCCs consist of stakeholders interested in improving mobility for “transportation disadvantaged” – older adults, individuals with disabilities, individuals with low incomes, and/or military veterans. The most successful RTCC will include representatives from a wide range of agencies and interests. RTCC board membership will be diverse and as comprehensive as possible, and include representatives from the region’s county department of social services, Minnesota Area Agencies on Aging, Workforce Development, transportation providers, human services agencies, transportation and human services advocates, veteran service organizations, Minnesota Continuum of Care Coordinators, Centers for Independent Living and public and private funders of transportation services.

Who is eligible to apply

Eligible applicants include municipalities, counties, legislatively established transit commissions and authorities, regional development commissions, and potential vendors. (See Minn. Stat. 174.23, subd. 4.)


Phase 1: 2018 Application for RTCC Organizational Planning Grant
Opens September 2017 – Grant contracts will be awarded July 1, 2018

Deadline for application submittal is March 31, 2018

July 22