Reviewing grant applications
Capital Facility Grant Application Worksheets (5309)
2011 Information & Application

Application Worksheets: All worksheets must be filled out to be considered for the grant.


  1. Project Need Justification (Word, 45 KB)
  2. Facility Design (Excel, 67 KB)
  3. Vehicle Operating Cost Savings (Excel, 27 KB)
  4. Cost Benefit (Excel, 20 KB)
  5. Buy - Lease Comparison (Word, 24 KB)
  6. Useful Life Example (Word, 39 KB)
  7. Project Readiness (Word, 33 KB)
  8. CIP Facility Plan (Excel, 23 KB)
  9. Facility Priority List (Excel, 19 KB)
  10. Screening Evaluation Matrix (Excel, 23 KB)


How to Apply / Questions


  1. Review the application requirements and instructions found in the below attachments.

  2. Download forms, complete applications.

  3. Submit both a hard copy (physical) and electronic copy (email, cd rom, or floppy disk) to:


Kent Ehrenstrom
State Program Administrator Principal
Transportation Building
395 John Ireland Boulevard
Mail Stop 430

Transit Grant Programs