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Capital Facility Grant (5309)
2011 Information & Application

Closed application


Program Overview

The Capital Facility Program is supported with funds through the FTA’s Section 5309 Discretionary Capital Program, State Bond Funding Program, and State General Funds. It is intended to provide funding to public transit systems to purchase or renovation transit garages, office space, bus stops and other transit related building activities. This program is not intended for the purchase of vehicles or minor construction or maintenance projects.


Who is Eligible to Apply


Eligible applicants include Section 5307 and Section 5311 recipients.



How to Apply / Questions


  1. Review the application requirements and instructions found in the below attachments.
  2. Download forms, complete applications.
  3. Submit both a hard copy (physical) and electronic copy (email, cd rom, or floppy disk) to:


Kent Ehrenstrom
State Program Administrator Principal
Transportation Building
395 John Ireland Boulevard
Mail Stop 430

2009 Greater Minnesota Capital Facility Grant Application



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