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Signing Plan Design Course - At-Grade Intersections
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The course

This one day course was designed for traffic sign personnel who need to acquire basic sign plan design skills and training assembling signing plans for at-grade intersections on highways and expressways.


Course Resources

Introduction (ppt)
General Principles of Traffic Signing - TEM Chapter 6 - Section 4 (ppt)
Regulatory Signing - TEM Chapter 6 - Section 5 (ppt)
Warning Signing - TEM Chapter 6 - Section 6 (ppt)
Guide Signing - TEM Chapter 6 - Section 7 (ppt)
Miscellaneous Signs - TEM Chapter 6 - Section 8 (ppt)
Sample Plan Set (ppt)
Traffic Engineering Manual - Chapter 6
At-Grade Course Manual (pdf)

Sample Plan Set (pdf)

Download instructions: The file is a DGN format, intended only for use with Microstation™ (.dgn format).