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Installing a flashing yellow light signal.

























































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For more technical information on Traffic signing design or operation on Mn/DOT projects


Contact Heather Lott


email Heather.Lott@state.mn.us

call 651-234-7371



Other Questions


Traffic Engineering staff will answer any questions regarding statewide policy, standards, and their implementation.




Who Do I Contact?


How do I get a traffic sign installed or fixed?


The contact depends on the type of road. You need to know which government agency owns and operates the traffic signal or has jurisdiction of the roadways approaching the intersection.



For sign requests on:


State highway system contact the district traffic engineer at your State Traffic Engineers.


State highways system includes:

intersatae symbol Interstate Highways
U.S. Highway symbol U.S. Highways
Minnesota State Highway symbol Minnesota State Highways


Local streets and highways contact your local road authority (county, city or township). County Engineers or City Engineers