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Minnesota Strategic Highway Safety Plan
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Strategic Highway Safety Plan


The Strategic Highway Safety Plan is an integral part of Minnesota’s Toward Zero Death initiative. The SHSP is an update of the Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan which was developed in 2004. The SHSP was finalized in September of 2007. The process we followed was in compliance with the requirements set forth in SAFETEA-LU Title 23 USC 148 and approved by the Federal Highway Administration.


The plan process included an evaluation of crash data from all public roads and the involvement of key stakeholders throughout its development.  The results are the identification of critical emphasis areas based on data, the development of strategies and countermeasures and additional guidance for implementation for each Area Transportation Partnership.


The SHSP is not an end product, but a living document which will be reexamined periodically and evolve to help reach the goal of eliminating deaths and serious injuries on our roadways.


Download complete report:

Minnesota Strategic Highway Safety Plan (PDF 750 KB 63 pp)


Download sections:

Cover (PDF 629 KB 2 p)
Introduction and Signature Page (PDF 785 KB, 1 p)

Minnesota Strategic Highway Safety Plan (PDF 750 KB 63 pp)



The original Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan (PDF 3.48 MB, 150 pp)



Area Transportation Partnership Boundaries map
Area Transportation Partnership Boundaries

Application of the Screening Process for the various Area Transportation Partnerships
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