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2017 Standard Signs and Markings

The 2017 summary and manual use 1966 font. Do not combine the 2k font and 1966 font in plans.

MnDOT Standard Signs Summary (PDF) - Updated January 2017

MnDOT Standard Sign and Markings Manual

Section Part
Complete manual with cover (PDF) All parts
Cover, cover letter, and list of changes (PDF) Contents
Regulatory signs (PDF) R-series
Warning signs (PDF) W-series
Route markers and auxiliary signs (PDF) M-series
Construction information signs (PDF) G-series
School signs (PDF) S-series
Guide signs - conventional roads (PDF) D-series
Informational signs (PDF) I-series
Guide signs - expressway, freeway (PDF) E-series
Misc signs (PDF) X-series
Standard sign details (PDF) Sign details
Pavement messages (PDF) Pavement marking