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Corridor simulation modeling - model view
Corridor Simulation Modeling - Advanced Training Course
Training manual, sample project and presentations
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Training Manual


Advanced CORSIM Training Manual cover


Advanced CORSIM Training Manual

This manual was intended for project work requiring operational analysis using CORSIM software which requires Mn/DOT and FHWA approval. This manual walks the user through the model development process and contains requirements for modeling a freeway project. View the individual chapters or the complete manual below:


Advanced CORSIM Manual V.11
(Complete PDF 4 MB)
Table of Contents
Chapter 1- Modeling Process
Chapter 2 - Project Scoping
Chapter 3 - Data Collection
Chapter 4 - Base Model Process
Chapter 5 - Organization & Review
Chapter 6 - Calibration
Chapter 7 - MOE's & Reports
Chapter 8 - Alternatives

CORSIM Modeling Navigation

Mn/DOT Traffic Data

Traffic Engineering Sites

Freeway Modeling Workshop presentation

Index (PDF 1.1 MB, pp)
FHWA Guidance & Policies (PDF)
HCM vs Microsimulation (PDF 1.1 MB, pp)
Modeling Guidelines and Schedule (PDF)
Project Scoping (PDF 1 MB, 17 pp)
Data Requirements for Microscopic Simulation (PDF)
Forecast Model and Guidelines (PDF)
Data Extraction Cookbook (PDF)
Base Model Development (PDF 1.5 MB, 32 pp)
Model Calibration (PDF)
CORSIM Calibration (PDF)
Alternative Analysis (PDF)
Final Documentation (PDF)
Modeling Web site (PDF)
Appendix (PDF)



CORSIM Modeling - Sample Project

I-694 - Rice Street Project

A sample CORSIM modeling project was developed from the operational analysis of the I-694 and Rice Street project. This sample provides traffic professional with real world examples of the physical inputs, traffic demand data, electronic files, calibration graphics and tables, and freeway and arterial MOEs summaries.


Project Folder Summary (PDF, 43KB, 1 p)

Physical Input (WinZip, 11 MB)

Traffic Demand Data (WinZip, 88 KB)

Electronic Files (WinZip, 340 KB)

MOE Results (WinZip, 594 KB)


Save the zip files and extract the files using Winzip.