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Corridor simulation modeling - model view
Corridor Simulation Modeling
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Map of freeway section modeled in CORSIM

Map of Freeway Section Modeled in CORSIM (JPG, 650 KB)

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What is Corridor Simulation Modeling?


Corridor Simulation Modeling is the use of microsimulation models to estimate how a freeway or arterial corridor will operate under future traffic conditions and to assist in the determination of which geometric features and/or traffic control devices will best serve the future traffic needs.



Corridor simulation modeling provides much of the information that goes into an Interstate Access Request. An IAR is required by Federal regulations and is a report containing sufficient information to allow the FHWA to independently ascertain that all pertinent factors and alternatives have been appropriately considered. 



Anyone involved in the Interchange Access Request process but particularly those involved in using the CORSIM microsimulation software package.