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TEO Org Chart

Traffic Engineering





TEO committees


Executive Committee

The committee serves as TEO’s link to the ADE Advisory Committee, Operations Advisory Committee, AOD Executive Committee, and Technical Services and Operations divisions’ staff. The committee’s responsibilities include:


TEO nine standing committees




Ad Hoc Committees will be established by the Executive Committee or Standing Committees on an as needed basis.





MnDOT created its Traffic Engineering Organization to address future challenges in a more effective way than relying solely on informal discussions by representatives from the Central Office and the districts.


The TEO’s formation enables members to stay current with changes in the field and to establish the most critical traffic engineering priorities.




The TEO’s active pursuit of the following goals will improve cooperation within MnDOT and with other agencies to provide better services to the public. They include:


TEO membership


In addition, other staff members may be invited to participate in TEO meetings. [See the TEO Organizational chart for organization’s structure. More details regarding the organization's responsibilities and structure can be found in the Mn/DOT Traffic Engineering Manual (Chapter 1).]