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Real time traffic data, traffic cameras and incident information to help you plan your travels. Please visit 511mn.org for statewide traveler information.

Current Incidents
Camera Description Location Impact Time
C915 Stall on Mainline I-394 Rev WB @ Penn Ave Unconfirmed Impact Thu @ 10:55
C804 Crash on Mainline I-94 EB W Jct Co Rd 81 Left shoulder blocked Thu @ 09:33
C011 Stall on Mainline I-35E NB Unconfirmed Impact Thu @ 10:46
C904 Roadwork on Mainline I-394 WB @ Ridgedale Dr Left lane blocked Thu @ 09:56
C904 Roadwork on Mainline I-394 EB @ Plymouth Rd Right lane blocked Thu @ 09:34
C6091 Stall on Mainline I-35W NB @ Black Dog Rd Unconfirmed Impact Thu @ 10:43
C603 Roadwork on Mainline I-35 SB @ Co Rd 50 Left lane blocked Thu @ 10:25

Updated: Thu Jan 19 10:56