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Alternative Transportation Finance opportunities to complement traditional transportation funding sources and financing techniques

Studies and Resources

Minnesota Transportation Challenges Survey (Excel)


Itasca Project: Regional Transit System, Return on Investment Assessment, November 30th, 2012 (PDF)


The 2008 Minnesota Legislature established a task force to advise the governor and the Legislature on management and perations strategies that will improve efficiency in transportation. They produced a report titled “Transportation Strategic Management and Operations.


The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) conducted a peer review for MnDOT in 2010. This was an organizational and operational analysis of MnDOT and the findings by the panel were largely positive. Read report


Minnesota transportation challenges survey (Excel)


Big costs, little revenue: Panel looks at ways of paying for transportation, transit

Finance and Commerce, Aug. 13, 2012

Capitol Ideas, Council of State Government

April 2012 issue (PDF)

Capitol Research: Transportation Council of State Governments

April 2012 issue (PDF)

Minnesota rated as #2 for top infrastructure and transportation by CNBC

CNBC's "America's Top State for Business 2012" report lists Minnesota as #2 for infrastructure and transportation.


AASHTO Center for Excellence 2011 report

Read the "Funding and Financing Solutions for Surface Transportation in the Coming Decades" report (PDF). This report is the proceedings from a 2010 conference.

Performance Measures

MnDOT's performance management system spans its major products, services and priorities. MnDOT uses clear policies, performance trend data and performance forecasts to guide investments and operational decisions. Learn more about performance measures.