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The mission of the Commissioner’s Transportation Finance Advisory Committee is to develop a set of recommendations for future funding and financing of Minnesota’s transportation system. 


This will be done through the guidance and advice of the Committee and will consider long-term capital and operating needs, revenues and funds expected to be available, and the estimate to which a funding gap is expected in relation to the desired future. 


The Committee will also consider ways that Minnesota can better invest in high-quality, multi-modal transportation infrastructure. It will draw upon financial expertise from the public and private sector to develop ideas to finance transportation improvements in cost-effective ways. 


Three future funding scenarios will be considered: 


The Committee will make recommendations on measures to close the funding gap through cost savings, efficiencies, public-private partnerships and revenue generation base on the desired future. This project will include the development of a strategic marketing plan to obtain public support for an investment plan and any additional steps needed to obtain the funding/finance necessary to achieve project goals.