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About Sustainability

Sustainable transportation practices respect, support and (where possible) regenerate environmental systems, the economy and society over many generations. This requires balancing three components.


Sustainable solutions balance society, the economy and the environment


To ensure the sustainability of the transportation system and the communities it serves, Mn/DOT will:

• Use all resources wisely
• Consider the needs of future generations
• Evaluate a wide range of risks
• Protect and enhance the environment
• Conserve energy and natural resources
• Improve quality of life
• Involve the public in the transportation planning process
• Encourage innovative approaches to the design, operation and maintenance of our facilities.




Internal Business Practices

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Workforce Collaborative: Sustainable practices include making sure that all people have the opportunity to fully participate in the workforce. In December 2008 Mn/DOT convened the DBE and Workforce Collaborative – a group representing general contractors, DBE contractors, training organizations, unions, business/workforce advocates, non-union contractors/workforce, FHWA and Mn/DOT – to work together to identify, evaluate and implement strategies to increase the participation of diverse workers and DBEs on Minnesota highway heavy construction projects.
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