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Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro® input files

These three Maptech files should be valid for any version of Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro®. See instructions for using the input files below.

The maptech.mxf file contains all current control points in the database that have horizontal- or vertical-orders. These points are colored red in Maptech.

The maptech_u.mxf file contains the current positioned points from maptech.mxf plus all the current unpositioned points, which have neither horizontal- or vertical-orders. The unpositioned points are colored green in Maptech.

The maptech_all.mxf file contains all database points, including maptech_u.mxf plus all 'lost,' 'destroyed,' and 'not found' points, which are colored blue in Maptech.

Download Maptech files

Input maptech.mxf into Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro®

  1. Start Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro®
  2. Open any 7.5' quadrangle sheet
  3. Select the File menu pulldown
  4. Select Import then Markers
  5. Browse to the downloaded maptech.mxffile
  6. Select maptech.mxf and click OK