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Hwy 95 weekend closure remains on schedule for Aug. 9-12

S. Frontage Road opening/Beach Road bridge closure set to occur following week

Motorists can expect a weekend closure of Highway 95 Aug. 9-12 while crews demolish the eastbound Highway 36 flyover bridge to northbound Highway 95 and complete utility work, as part of St. Croix Crossing construction. The closure is expected to occur from 10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 9, to 5 a.m., Monday, Aug. 12, weather permitting. Highway 95 motorists should follow the signed detour route (JPG 3 MB) when the closure occurs.

The detour route uses Highway 36, Osgood Avenue, 47th Street N., Stagecoach Trail and Fifth Avenue N. Local access is available between Pickett Street and Point Road.

Area residents will hear noises while crews demolish the bridge. Crews will work 24 hours until the demolition is complete. This method of demolition is the safest, fastest and standard method to remove the bridge.

S. Frontage Road/Beach Road

Crews expect to open the new S. Frontage Road extension between Phil’s Tara Hideaway and Stagecoach Trail Sunday, Aug. 18, weather permitting. After the S. Frontage Road opens, the Beach Road bridge will close.

Construction schedules may change, and motorists will see signs with the closure date about one week before the set closure. Motorists are encouraged to use the alternate routes (JPG 4 MB) during the Beach Road bridge closure. The new Beach Road bridge will open by the end of the 2013 construction season.

Other highway impacts/Minnesota approach work

Motorists will continue to experience single-lane traffic on Highway 36 east of Osgood Avenue and temporary traffic signals at the Highway 36/Highway 95 junction through the end of September. Access to businesses along Highway 36 and Highway 95 remain open at all times.

Crews are reconstructing eastbound Highway 36 and the ramps to/from Highway 95. They are also realigning Highway 95, completing utility work and constructing trails.

Find details about all ongoing traffic impacts at

River impacts/Bridge foundations work

Boaters on the St. Croix River will experience no new impacts, and the no wake worker safety zone is still in effect.

Buoys remain in place along the Minnesota and Wisconsin shoreline. The no wake zone is in place for the safety of crews working and equipment stability.

Work on four of the five pier locations in the river is ongoing.  The fifth pier is anticipated to be underway in late-August. Crews are installing caissons and excavating for pier footings through December 2013.

Crews began hydraulic drilling, breaking and excavating. This activity is necessary for work on the pier closest to the Minnesota shoreline and will last for approximately six weeks. Residents may experience some noise disruptions. Additional hydraulic drilling may occur later in the season.

Wisconsin highway impacts

Motorists traveling on WIS 64 between 150th Avenue and County V will continue to see additional truck traffic through fall 2013. Motorists should expect shoulder closures in the area to accommodate the increased traffic. Trucks are hauling clean material—composed of rock, sand and mud—from the St. Croix River bottom as part of the bridge foundations contract.

Night work near the Hwy 36/Hwy 95 junction

Nearby residents and businesses may experience some visual and noise disruptions while crews construct the S. Frontage Road extension as well as excavate and haul excess dirt from the Highway 36/95 junction to the Miller Pit in Baytown township. These two activities will occur through fall 2013.

Project information

The Minnesota approach project will be complete by fall 2014 and the new St. Croix Crossing bridge will be complete in fall 2016. When all work is finished, motorists will have smoother highway pavement surfaces, improved flow at intersections, improved frontage road system and a new river crossing between Minnesota and Wisconsin. All of this will occur while maintaining or restoring the area’s cultural, historic and environmental resources.

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