St. Croix Crossing aerial view

St. Croix Crossing

Connecting Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis.

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Current construction impacts

On land in Minnesota

Remaining activities for 2014 and spring/early summer 2015

Road surfaces
  • All driving surfaces in the project area will be paved and traffic will be on the permanent alignment. Roads will be safe for the public and plows to use. Crews will return in 2015 to place the final layer of asphalt on some roads.
  • Lines will be painted on the pavement – called striping. Crews will return in 2015 to apply permanent striping.
  • Crews will widen the Hwy 36/Hwy 95 ramp to allow for additional space. This will occur during overnight hours and will be completed by the end of November, weather permitting (see upcoming impacts).
  • Lighting along the Hwy 36/Hwy 95 ramp will be installed and all necessary traffic signals will be functioning.
Traffic shifts

Hwy 36:

  • Traffic will remain single-lane in each direction until later this month when it will reopen to all four lanes of traffic west of Osgood Ave (see upcoming impacts).
  • The right-in on the north side of Hwy 36 and the right-in/right-out on the south side of Hwy 36 will reopen to traffic by the end of November.

Osgood Ave:

  • Osgood Ave remains single-lane in each direction on the west side of the road while crews complete paving activities.
  • All lanes on Osgood Ave will reopen by the end of the week of Nov. 17, weather permitting.
Business driveways
  • All business driveways will be paved and open their to full width prior to the winter.
  • Crews will return in the spring to complete minor driveway modifications.
  • All of the remaining trail and landscaping work will be completed in 2015.
  • Please note that for safety reasons, trails will remain closed through winter even if they have already been paved.
Noise/other impacts
  • Periodic pile driving for bridge falsework and the east bridge abutment and Pier 13 located on the Wisc. bluff will occur through winter 2015. Falsework is a series of temporary structures that support the bridge spans during construction until the bridge can support itself.
  • Construction crews are working overnight hours on the river bridge through fall 2014. Nighttime construction activities may change as work progresses.
Highway overnight work
  • Overnight work to widen the Hwy 36/Hwy 95 interchange ramp will occur in late November.
Bridge overnight work
  • Overnight hours are 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. Monday through Saturday.
  • Crews are tying steel reinforcement bar as part of bridge construction.
  • Crews do not anticipate hauling any materials by truck during the overnight hours.

On land in Wisconsin

  • Crews will clear trees as needed on the Wisconsin bluff to prepare for building the east bridge abutment and Pier 13. This will occur through winter 2015. The width of removal is limited to no more than 10 ft. beyond each side of the bridge.
  • Construction of the east bridge abutment is ongoing through winter 2015.

On water

  • Work is ongoing at three pier locations in the St. Croix River—8, 9 and 12. Pier 8 is the river pier closest to Minnesota land, while Pier 12 is closest to the Wisconsin shoreline. Crews are using a temporary causeway to access Pier 8 and barges/boats to access Piers 9 and 12.
    • All five river pier locations are built to the height of the crossbeam. The crossbeam connects the upstream and downstream columns at each pier location.
    • Crossbeam construction is complete at Pier 8 and ongoing at Piers 9 and 12 through the fall.
    • Work at Piers 10 and 11 is complete for the remainder of 2014. Construction will start up again in 2015 when the crossbeam forms at Piers 8 and 9 move to Piers 10 and 11, respectively.
    • Construction work on the water will continue throughout winter 2014-15 with crews breaking ice in the project construction zone. The public, and especially ice fisherman and snowmobilers, are asked to stay clear of bridge construction once ice starts forming and to heed all thin ice warning signs.