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Osgood Avenue partial intersection closure at Hwy 36 set for Aug. 11-16

Third pier location on the St. Croix River river—Pier 12—is built to crossbeam height

July 31, 2014

STILLWATER, Minn. – The Osgood Avenue intersection between Highway 36 and the South Frontage Road in Oak Park Heights is anticipated to close to traffic Monday, Aug. 11, to Saturday, Aug. 16, weather permitting. Motorists should watch signage for any changes to specific closure dates.

During the closure, Osgood Avenue traffic will not have access to/from Highway 36. However, eastbound and westbound traffic on Highway 36 and the South Frontage Road will flow normally. Construction crews will work 24-hours per day to complete utility work and repave the intersection. Work hours may begin as early as 7 p.m. on Sunday, August 10.

Local resident and business access will be available at all times by following the posted detour using the South Frontage Road, Oakgreen Avenue and Highway 36. Nearby residents and businesses may experience some visual and noise disruptions related to the night work.

When this intersection closure is complete, crews will begin construction on the South Frontage Road west of Osgood Avenue through fall 2014.

St. Croix Crossing river bridge work

St. Croix Crossing river bridge construction on the St. Croix River continues. Most notably, another pier location is built to the height of the crossbeam. Piers 8 and 9 crossbeam construction is well underway, and Pier 12 crossbeam construction—closest to Wisconsin land—will begin in August. See progress map.

  • Construction crews anticipate that the first concrete pour for the Pier 8 crossbeam will occur in mid-August.   
  • Crews began tying steel reinforcement bar for the Pier 9 crossbeam this week.
  • Crews are working on the third of three sections to the bridge deck of the upstream pier column and the second of three sections to the bridge deck of the downstream pier column at Pier 10.
  • Crews are working on the first of four sections to the bridge deck of the pier columns at Pier 11.
  • Crews have completed the fourth of four sections to the bridge deck of the pier columns at Pier 12. They will begin Pier 12 crossbeam work in early August.

On land,

  • Construction crews completed pile driving for the Highway 36 abutment west of Highway 95. Additional sporadic pile driving will occur in 2014.
  • Crews have built 14 of 23 land piers to their full height. See progress map.
  • Preparations continue at the on-site and Grey Cloud Island casting yards to begin casting the segments that will become the driving surface of the new bridge.

Follow construction progress on the river via the project webcam at

A one-mile long narrowed river channel and no wake worker safety zone are in place on the St. Croix River near bridge construction. Boaters are asked to stay between the red and green buoys and respect the no wake worker safety zone between Stillwater and Bayport through fall 2016.

Other upcoming St. Croix Crossing project work includes the following:

Minnesota road work

Overnight work is scheduled to begin in mid-August on the South Frontage Road between the Oakgreen Avenue area and Osgood Avenue. Construction activities will include excavation, backfilling, grading and hauling. This overnight work is anticipated to continue through the fall.

Throughout 2014 construction, Highway 36 and Highway 95 in Minnesota will remain open. Visit for a full list of current construction activities and impacts.

Wisconsin road work

Grading work continues to construct the new WIS 64 road and County Road E interchange near Houlton. This work is ongoing. This week, construction crews also installed culvert pipes under the new WIS 64 road. Pipe installation will continue next week.

Minnesota approach work will be substantially complete by the end of 2014 and the new St. Croix Crossing bridge/Wisconsin approach work will be complete in fall 2016. When all work is finished, motorists will have smoother highway pavement surfaces, improved flow at intersections, an improved frontage road system—including safer access—and a new river crossing between Minnesota and Wisconsin. All of this will occur while maintaining or restoring the area’s cultural, historic and environmental resources.

More detailed information and maps showing the 2014 construction schedule are available at

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