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WIS 35 south of Houlton open to traffic

Partial Greeley Street intersection closure to begin July 7

July 3, 2014

STILLWATER, Minn. – WIS 35 south of Houlton, Wisc., at County E opened to traffic on July 1. The new WIS 35 overpass that will travel over the newly-aligned WIS 64 is now complete.

Wisconsin approach work will continue next week with construction crews excavating more soil for the ramps at the new interchange at County E and on the new WIS 64 near WIS 35.

Construction crews project-wide do not plan to work Friday, July 4, through Sunday, July 6.

Minnesota roadway work

The Greeley Street intersection at Highway 36 will partially close for six days between Highway 36 and the North Frontage Road July 7 through July 12, weather permitting. During this closure, motorists on Greeley Street will not have access to and from Highway 36. Eastbound and westbound traffic on Highway 36 and the North Frontage Road will flow normally. The closure does not impact Oakgreen Avenue south of Highway 36. The posted detour will use the North Frontage Road and Washington Avenue. Local resident and business access will be available at all times.

Traffic on Highway 36 is anticipated to switch to the newly-constructed westbound lanes in mid-July. Highway 36 traffic from the Washington Avenue/Norell Avenue intersection to Highway 95 will remain single lane through the end of 2014.

Other project road work updates, weather permitting, are:

  • The Lookout Trail/Highway 95 intersection is closed through late summer. Access to and from Lookout Trail and Highway 95 will be available at all times by following the signed detour. The intersection is being converted to a right-in/right-out only to increase its safety and functionality following lane additions on Highway 95.
  • Beginning the week of July 7, the current South Frontage Road closure at Oxboro Avenue will move to Osgood Avenue. Local access for businesses and residents will always be available from the east using Stagecoach Trail. The South Frontage Road east of Osgood Avenue is anticipated to reopen in mid-July.
  • Reconstruction of the North Frontage Road between Northwestern Avenue and Osgood Avenue is complete, though some additional landscaping and driveway work along the North Frontage Road will continue through August. Construction of the right-in from Highway 36 to the North Frontage Road will be complete by the end of 2014.

Throughout 2014 construction, Highway 36 and Highway 95 in Minnesota will remain open. Access to businesses and residences will be available at all times.

New St. Croix Crossing work

Construction work on the new St. Croix Crossing on the St. Croix River progressed this week. Of note:

  • Construction crews continued pile driving for the Hwy 36 abutment footings located west of Hwy 95. This is the last pile driving activity for pier footings on Minnesota land. However, additional pile is being driven for falsework and this activity will continue throughout the summer.
  • Crews will next week begin tying reinforcement bar for the crossbeam—connecting the upstream and downstream columns—and the knuckle at Pier 8. The knuckle is the point at which the pier column, crossbeam and pier tower all connect.
  • Crews will next week lift into place the truss structure that will support crossbeam construction at Pier 9. 
  • Crews completed another concrete pour at Pier 12. Two sections of the pier column are now complete.

A no wake zone is currently in effect on the St. Croix River due to high water levels.  A one-mile long narrowed river channel and no wake zone are in place near bridge construction. Boaters are asked to stay between the red and green buoys and respect the no wake worker safety zone between Stillwater and Bayport after the river-wide no wake zone is removed.

Though construction on the river will pause for the holiday weekend, officials will patrol the bridge site area.

Minnesota approach work will be substantially complete by the end of 2014 and the new St. Croix Crossing bridge/Wisconsin approach work will be complete in fall 2016. When all work is finished, motorists will have smoother highway pavement surfaces, improved flow at intersections, an improved frontage road system—including safer access—and a new river crossing between Minnesota and Wisconsin. All of this will occur while maintaining or restoring the area’s cultural, historic and environmental resources.

More detailed information and maps showing the 2014 construction schedule are available at

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