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Stay cable installation begins at Pier 11

June 30, 2016

Paving underway in Wisconsin

STILLWATER, Minn. – Crews installed the first set of stay cables at Pier 11 near the Wisconsin shoreline on June 29. Stay cable installation is anticipated to begin at Pier 10 after the holiday.  

The segment lifters that were erecting segments at Pier 9 have been moved and are now operational at Pier 11. When bridge deck construction is complete at Pier 8 in early July, those segment lifters will move to Pier 10.

Other St. Croix Crossing bridge construction highlights are:

  • Crews have installed the third set of stay cables at Pier 12, closest to the Wisconsin shoreline
  • Crews will have placed up to the 10th eastbound and westbound segments in the bridge deck construction sequence at Pier 10, by the end of the week of June 27
  • Crews continue to glue segments at Span 14. All segments will be glued by mid-July. Span 14 bridge deck construction is ongoing through the fall.

Wisconsin highway construction update
Crews completed paving the new Hwy 35/64 eastbound lanes. Paving will continue on the westbound lanes as well as the CR E interchange ramps.

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