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Connecting Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis.

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St. Croix Crossing construction activities to occur at all river piers

Segment lifter load testing making progress

May 13, 2015

STILLWATER, Minn. –As early as the end of the week, St. Croix Crossing construction activities will be occurring at all five pier locations on the river. This level of activity will be maintained through the fall.

Bridge construction updates include:

  • Crews are load testing the segment lifters recently installed on top of Pier 8, closest to the Minnesota shoreline, to place segments that will become the driving surface of the new river bridge.
  • Segment lifters that will be installed on top of Pier 9 are now on site.
  • Crews are placing pre-cast segments for the Minnesota approach at Pier 1, closest to Highway 95. These segments will become the driving surface of the approach spans. Watch a crew bring two segments together.
  • Work continues on the cast-in-place sections of the Minnesota approach.
  • Upstream and downstream pier tower construction continues at Piers 8 and 9.
  • Crews have completed removing the crossbeam truss and forms at Pier 9.
  • Crews will install Pier 9 supports at Pier 11 this week to begin that crossbeam construction.
  • Crews have begun placing reinforcement bar for the first of three sections of the Pier 10 crossbeam.
  • Crews have begun placing forms for pier table construction at Pier 12.
  • Pile driving and temporary trestle construction continues on the Wisconsin bluff in preparation for Pier 13 construction in early summer.

Stay clear of St. Croix Crossing construction zones. This season will be the project’s busiest yet, with hundreds of crew members, vehicles and equipment navigating small construction sites. Good vantage points to safely view construction are the Scenic Overlook and the Beach Road bridge west of the project’s on-site casting yard.

Wisconsin highway construction update

This week, construction crews are:

  • Installing storm sewer around the east/west roundabout.
  • Pouring concrete for the new County Road E interchange bridge deck.
  • Grading the new WIS 64 north of County Road E.
  • Grading for the roundabout on WIS 35/Main Street.
  • Pouring concrete for the floor of the cattle pass.
  • Setting forms and placing rebar for the walls of the cattle pass.

Looking ahead, crews will:

  • Pour concrete for the walls of the cattle pass.
  • Place rebar and pour concrete for the parapets on the County Road E interchange bridge deck.
  • Continue grading for the new WIS 35/County Road E and WIS 64.
  • Continue placing culvert pipe and storm sewer.
  • Start placing an aggregate base on the WIS 35 east roundabout and continue west on WIS 35.

Minnesota highway construction update

This week, construction crews are:

  • Placing the final layer of asphalt on roads throughout the project work zone and starting to paint permanent markings on the pavement—called striping. These activities will continue into the week of May 18.
  • Completing business driveways and local road connections as crews are available. This activity is anticipated to be complete by the end of June.
  • Grading and placing asphalt for new pedestrian/bicycle trails along the South Frontage Road and at the Greeley Street/Oakgreen Avenue intersection.
  • Constructing medians, pedestrian ramps at intersections and ditches throughout the project area.
  • Planting grass seed in the Beach Road bridge area.

Intermittent lane and shoulder closures within the construction zone will occur through June to complete final roadway activities.

Minnesota approach work will be complete in summer 2015 and the new St. Croix Crossing bridge will open to traffic in fall 2016. When all work is finished, motorists will have smoother highway pavement surfaces, improved flow at intersections, an improved frontage road system—including safer access—and a new river crossing between Minnesota and Wisconsin. All of this will occur while maintaining or restoring the area’s cultural, historic and environmental resources.

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