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Connecting Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis.

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Work resumes at Pier 10 in the St. Croix River

Wisconsin approach work traffic impacts to begin late April

April 22, 2015

STILLWATER, Minn. – Work will resume this week at Pier 10 in the St. Croix River. Today construction crews will finish removing the crossbeam truss and falsework at Pier 8, closest to the Minnesota shoreline. Those supports will be reinstalled at Pier 10 for crossbeam construction, which is anticipated to begin in May. The crossbeam connects the upstream and downstream columns at each pier location in the river.

Other St. Croix Crossing bridge construction updates include:

  • Construction of the third of three sections of the Pier 12 crossbeam continues.
  • Crews anticipate barging the first pair of segment lifters to the project site next week. The lifters will be assembled on top of Pier 8 and will be used to place river bridge segments that will become the bridge deck.
  • Pile driving continues on the Wisconsin bluff in preparation for Pier 13 construction in late spring.

Stay clear of St. Croix Crossing construction zones. This season will be the project’s busiest yet, with hundreds of crew members, vehicles and equipment navigating small construction sites. Good vantage points to safely view construction are the Scenic Overlook and the Beach Road bridge.

Stillwater Lift Bridge 2015 schedule

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Wisconsin highway construction update

This week, construction crews:

  • Completed concrete work for the pedestrian tunnel under the new WIS 35 (photo attached).
  • Graded and placed gravel for the WIS 35 bypass.

Next week, crews will:

  • Dig out the area for the cattle pass.
  • Switch the traffic configuration on the existing WIS 64 within the project limits in preparation for May construction activities.
  • Complete asphalt paving for the WIS 35 bypass. Traffic is anticipated to start using the bypass on Friday, May 1.
  • Continue grading for the new WIS 35/County Road E intersection.

Minnesota highway construction update

This week, construction crews are:

  • Placing asphalt for new pedestrian/bicycle trails along the South Frontage Road between Osgood Avenue and just west of Oakgreen Avenue.
  • Installing curb and gutter and placing asphalt on the South Frontage Road west of Oakgreen Avenue.
  • Grading and landscaping throughout the project area.

The majority of roadway asphalt placement within the project limits, as well as construction to complete business driveways and local road connections, will begin in May, weather permitting.

Minnesota approach work will be complete in summer 2015 and the new St. Croix Crossing bridge will open to traffic in fall 2016. When all work is finished, motorists will have smoother highway pavement surfaces, improved flow at intersections, an improved frontage road system—including safer access—and a new river crossing between Minnesota and Wisconsin. All of this will occur while maintaining or restoring the area’s cultural, historic and environmental resources.

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