St. Croix Crossing aerial view

St. Croix Crossing

Connecting Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis.

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Construction maps

Bridge piers progress maps

Hwy 36 and Hwy 95 traffic map
This map highlights progress on the Minnesota approach piers. These are on land and east of Hwy 95. As of July 23, 13 out of 23 total land piers are at full height (black) and seven piers are under construction (green).
St. Croix Crossing river piers progress
This map highlights progress on the Minnesota river piers as of July 23, 2014. Construction crews are working on the crossbeam sections at Piers 8 and 9 – the crossbeam connects the upstream and downstream pier columns at each pier location. They recently completed the third of four sections to the bridge deck of the pier columns at Pier 12.

Minnesota Hwy 36/95 approach work maps

Full project construction map