St. Croix Crossing aerial view

St. Croix Crossing

Connecting Oak Park Heights, Minn. and St. Joseph, Wis.

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Stay clear of St. Croix Crossing work sites

Please stay clear of St. Croix Crossing construction zones. Hundreds of crew members, vehicles and equipment are navigating small construction sites. Good vantage points to safely view construction are the Scenic Overlook and the Beach Road bridge west of the project’s on-site casting yard. Please do not stop on Hwy 95 near the Hwy 36/95 intersection. Much of the area is an active construction zone and under video surveillance. The public is not permitted here, for theirs and our crews’ safety.

2016 St. Croix River boating notice

2016 St. Croix Crossing river boating notice - stay between the red and green buoys that mark the river channel

2016 barge traffic notice

2016 barge traffic notice - please be alert and stay back from the barges so you and crews stay safe

Video series: Constructing the pier columns and crossbeams

Ever asked yourself: How did they do that?!? We set out to explain with a how-to video series. The first video was about constructing everything below the water. Below you’ll learn how the contractor built the pier columns and crossbeams at each river pier location.