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Did you apply for a Discretionary Grant from IIJA?

By: Elisa Bottos, State Aid Project Delivery Engineer

State Aid is requesting that our local agency partners notify us when you apply for a Federal Transportation Discretionary Grant. If you have already sent in info, Thanks! Please continue to let us know when you apply for new Federal Transportation Discretionary Grants. State Aid is getting more and more questions from MnDOT, the Governor’s office, USDOT and others about potential projects. There is no requirement to let us know, we are just asking for your cooperation.

When you apply for a discretionary grant, please fill out the form on the State Aid IIJA webpage located under "applying for a Infrastructure grant?" The form will ask you to fill out the following criteria.

  • Name of agency
  • Federal Discretionary Grant solicitation
  • Fiscal Year (FY) of solicitation
  • Federal amount requested
  • Total project cost estimate
  • Simple project description

This will also be a very helpful tool as we move into next year’s legislative session when elected officials are talking about transportation and the local agency and tribal needs.

More information about IIJA Discretionary Grants can be found on the State Aid IIJA webpage.