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Upcoming new Delegated Contract Process agreements

By: Rachel Broughton, Federal Aid Agreement & Special Programs Engineer

It is time to update the Delegated Contract Process (DCP) agreements between MnDOT and LPAs who receive federal funds. Our last round of DCP agreements were executed in 2017/2018 and enough changes have been made to 2 CFR 200, including changes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL), to warrant an update. These agreements cover the roles and responsibilities of LPAs accepting federal funds for construction projects through MnDOT. An executed agreement needs to be in place for MnDOT to request federal authorization for federally funded projects.

Some of the updates in the new DCP agreement include the addition of language for electronic records and signatures, Title VI, Buy America, and Suspension and Debarment of local agencies along with new sections referencing 2 CFR 200.216 Prohibition on certain telecommunications and video, and 2 CFR 200. 322 Domestic preference for procurements.

In the coming weeks a draft copy of the new agreements will be emailed to all county engineers and city engineers who are an employee of their city. For cities with consultants as their city engineer, the agreements will be sent to the city administrator/manager. A county board or city council resolution of approval will be need in order to execute this agreement.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time please reach out to Rachel Broughton at rachel.broughton@state.mn.us, or 612-427-3907.