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E-Scene March 2022

Noise process for federally funded projects

By: Sulmaan Khan, Project Development Engineer

Federal regulations require analysis of highway traffic noise impacts on all projects that use federal funding. All federally funded projects are classified as either a Type I or Type III noise project based on noise criteria that are defined in 23 CFR 772.5. If your project meets the definition of a Type I noise project, a noise study is required to be completed.

If a noise study is required on your project, MnDOT noise specialists must be informed. The MnDOT noise specialists must agree with receptor type and locations and they must also review and approve the noise study that has been put together. Early coordination is key to ensuring the process with your noise study goes smoothly. MnDOT noise specialists can be informed of any project needing a noise study by submitting the Cultural, Noise, and Threatened and Endangered Species Review Request form (Word) located on the State Aid Environmental Forms and Information webpage. The review request form is typically submitted at the same time as your submittal for Cultural Resources and Threatened and Endangered Species review. MnDOT noise specialists can also help with determining if your project meets the criteria for a Type I project or not.

Documentation which shows approval of each noise study, as well as the noise study itself if it is not too lengthy, should be included within the appendix of the environmental document for your project in order to receive approval from SALT.

A noise work flow (PDF) which provides an overview of the noise process for State Aid projects can be used as a resource. If you have any additional questions, please contact SALT environmental staff at SaltEnvironmental.dot@state.mn.us.