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New Standard Plates and Standard Plans

By: Ron Dahlquist, Federal Aid Pre-Construction Coordinator

MnDOT’s Office of Technical Support will soon be issuing several revised Standard Plates and Standard Plan sheets.

Since it is required on every State Aid plan, perhaps the most notable revision will be to Standard Plate 8000. The new plate will be 8000K with the title changed to Temporary Channelizers. Also revised will be Standard Plate 8337 Temporary Portable Concrete Barrier.

Standard Plan sheets being revised are 5-297.601 Guardrail End Treatments; and 5-297.612 and 5-297.613 Proprietary End Terminal.

As of this writing, these new Standard Plates and Standard Plan sheets have not been published. It is quite likely that they will be published before this article becomes available. Please keep your eyes out for them.