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Needs Program Instructions

Steps for Updating Needs in the Early Deployment Environment

With your cursor, hover over the ‘Needs Cycle’ dropdown box’, hover on ‘Needs Data’ and then click on ‘Roadway Segments’. From here you can:

  • Revise a Segment - Click on the segment you want to review and update the correct fields
  • Add New Roadway Segment - Create a new segment from scratch by inputting the data in the correct data fields by clicking on the ‘Add New Roadway Segment button’
  • Copy a Segment - Click on the segment to copy. Revise the data on the segment that was copied from and the new copied segment.
    This is also another way to create a new segment.
  • Delete a Segment - From the ‘Roadway Segments’ screen, click on the segment to be deleted. Click the delete button. If the wrong segment has been deleted, click on the Undelete button.
  • Add a Structure - Click on the segment that will contain the structure. Click on the Structure button. Follow the instructions for updating a structure

After all system revisions have been completed, then submit the Needs to the DSAE by:

  • Hover over the ‘Needs Cycle’ dropdown
  • Click on the ‘Submit City’ option
  • Click on Submit

Other Functionality

These are abbreviated instructions for revising Needs. Other program functionality is available at this time, and its usage will be included in the more detailed training given in January of 2014. Please feel free to use and test these functions. They include the History, Roadway Segment Money Needs, City Total and Statewide Totals tabs.


The Municipal Screening Board has determined that the new Needs program will not be used until the January 2015 distribution. Final updating for the January 2015 distribution will then be available in January 2014 and our annual schedule will be back in play. At that time, more detailed training sessions will be offered, Help screens and Users Manuals will be available.


Contact Julee Puffer at julee.puffer@state.mn.us or 651-366-3813.


The following two fields were not migrated from the old Needs program and will need to be input on a per segment basis:
1. The number of Traffic Signal legs will need to be input on every segment in your city that has signals on it.
2. All box culverts that were considered adequate in the old program will need to have the width and height of the culvert input. An email, with the segment number, was sent to each city that needs to input the culvert data. If you did not receive an email, you have none of these to input.

Both of these fields will have an impact on the amount of Needs generated by your city.