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Fly Ash Tool

STUWMPP is a Windows based program that was designed to help provide environmental due diligence when deciding to use one or more waste materials in road bed stabilization or other paving projects. STUWMPP is based on the Risk Based Guidance for the Soil Human Health pathway and Risk Based Guidance for the Soil Leaching Pathway models developed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The model is useful in providing calculated estimates of the total concentration of elements of concern in a mixture that includes one or more waste materials. This will provide insight into the potential risk to the environment of using these waste materials. STUWMPP uses a Microsoft Access database of different waste materials and soils from across the state of Minnesota as its data source. As more data become available, the LRRB will update the database and STUWMPP will become even more powerful. Updates for the database will be available for download via the LRRB website.

Instructions for updating the database will be available for download as well. There is a link to this website under help in the programs menu bar as well as on the toolbar of the main page. There is also a link to send a message to the STUWMPP support personnel for questions concerning the operation of STUWMPP.


You will be downloading an .iso file. It is an image of the Fly Ash Tool CD. Here are the general steps you need to create your CD to install the application:

  1. Download the file onto your local hard drive (to someplace you can find it).
  2. Use your CD burning software to create a CD (contact your local tech support if you have difficulty).
  3. After the CD is created, run setup.exe on the CD to install the application.

Minimum System Requirements

  • An Intel Pentium class CPU, operating at 300 MHz or faster
  • 16 MB Random Access Memory (32 MB or more will improve performance)
  • 10 MB free hard drive space (for STUWMPP.EXE and all supporting files)

Software Requirements

The download file of STUWMPP is a *.zip file and requires Winzip be installed to unzip and extract the program files. A free evaluation version of Winzip can be found at http://www.winzip.com/downwz.htm and is designed to be run under Microsoft Windows 98 or later. The database used by STUWMPP requires Microsoft Access 97 or later be installed and properly functioning. In order to print the output files, Microsoft Word 97 or later must also be installed and properly functioning.