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State Aid COVID-19 Update

State Aid COVID-19 Update

Hello Local Partner:

This is just a brief message to let you know that MnDOT State Aid will be doing its best to conduct business as usual. As with many other businesses, MnDOT is teleworking as much as possible. Most meetings are being held electronically and non-critical meetings are being postponed. State Aid has prioritized Plan Review/Delivery and State Aid Payments as the top priorities.

When trying to reach State Aid staff, I recommend email over a phone call. Several staff will forward their office phones to cell phones, or leave messages on their office voicemail on how to best reach them, but email will always be available to them. Expect a slight slowdown in response times and reviews, but our staff is committed to serving you as our customer! If a meeting is necessary, we have Skype available and WebEx is an option as well.

State Aid is willing to host a question and answer session on what the State is doing at this time with COVID19 with teleworking for employees and operations if people think that would be helpful. Please let me know if there is interest and we can set up a conference call.

The FHWA is planning to operate in a similar fashion, so the current expectation is that business will continue as normal, although it is realistic to expect some minor delays in timelines.

Please stay in touch with your District State Aid Engineer and SALT contacts as necessary and report any issues or concerns you are having. Thanks.

Chris Kufner, P.E.
Office Director
State Aid for Local Transportation
612-708-9787 (cell)