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County Wage Survey

2017 Application and Instructions

Step 1 : Click here to download and install the Formatta Filler software. Filler is free software that allows you to download and open Formatta forms, such as the Wage Survey form. Accept the License Agreement. Accept the Default Destination Location. After the software installs a blank Registration form appears. Ignore this form by clicking the X to close. You will only need to downloaded and installed filler once for each workstation.

Step 2 : Click here to download the 2017 County Wage Survey. Click here to download survey instructions. Depending on how your browser is configured the form will either open in Filler or an Open/Safe Windows dialog box will appear. With either, save the form to your workstation or network. Rename the form to the name of your county ex: Aitkin.pff. Because the form exist on your workstation or network you can take as much time as you need to complete, using multiple sessions if necessary. Make sure you periodically save your work, and especially when closing out of Filler session. Clear Form, Print Form, Save, and Close - Don't Save buttons can be found on the side of the form for your convenience. When completed attach the form to an e-mail and send to olga.kruglova@state.mn.us.

2016 Survey Results

Draft Distribution