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High Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic

In July of 2009, the MnDOT Office of Traffic Safety and Technology, Department of Public Safety Offices of Traffic Safety and the Minnesota State Highway Patrol partnered to develop an aggressive driving education and enforcement campaign – High Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic. The HEAT program will run for three years and aims to improve roadway safety through education and heightened traffic enforcement. Each partner plays an important role in the success of the HEAT program.

MnDOT Office of Traffic Safety and Technology will provide:

  • Data analyses to identify road segments with high incidents of aggressive driving related crashes as candidates for high enforcement zones.
  • Ongoing analyses of roadway speeds and citation data inside and outside HEAT enforcement zones.
  • Market research survey of public attitudes toward aggressive driving behaviors in order to develop messages that are appropriate for intended audience.

Minnesota State Highway Patrol and local law enforcement agencies will:

  • Provide additional enforcement in the HEAT enforcement zones.
  • Collect data regarding number and types of citations issued during HEAT enforcement.

Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety will:

  • Coordinate public education and media campaigns to promote safe driving behaviors.

Minnesota drivers have the choice to make their roadways safer through their own driving behaviors. Ultimately, this program intends to reduce the number of severe injury and fatal crashes on Minnesota’s roadways by:

  • Educating drivers about the consequences of non-compliance with traffic laws, including the posted speed limit.
  • Increasing driver compliance with traffic laws, including but not limited to the posted speed limits, through heightened traffic enforcement within identified high incident zones.