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Speed Limits in Minnesota

speed limit signs showing various speed limits


Who do I contact to get a speed limit changed?

If you believe that there is a safety concern or an inappropriate speed limit posted, the person to contact depends on the type of road.


For questions about regulatory and advisory speed limits on the trunk highway system, contact the district traffic engineer at your MnDOT district office. The trunk highway system includes:

intersatae symbol Interstate Highways

U.S. Highway symbol U.S. Highways

Minnesota State Highway symbol Minnesota State Highways

Local streets

For questions about speed limits on local roadways, contact your local road authority (county, city or township). The local road authority can determine advisory speeds and post the plates without authorization from the commissioner of transportation. The local road authority can also pass a resolution requesting an investigation by MnDOT. Based upon the results, MnDOT may then authorize the local road authority to post new speed limits.