Smart Lanes
Real Time. Real Choices. Real Safe.

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Interstate 35W


Between Burnsville and Downtown Mpls

Start Date

Summer 2010

Interstate 94


Between Downtown St Paul and Downtown Mpls

Resurfacing Project Start Date

Summer 2012

Smart Lanes Activation By

Summer 2012


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Smart lane signage on Interstate 35W in Minneapolis
Smart Lanes signs on Interstate 35W in Minneapolis

What are they?

Real time information for a more reliable commute
Minnesota’s Smart Lanes are the electronic signs over lanes of traffic that provide real-time information to help motorists make informed decisions about their commute.

The signs display information about road conditions to improve traffic flow, reduce congestion and improve safety.


How do they work?

Advisory speed limits prevent crashes and increase safety

The signs will be illuminated during traffic incidents to indicate whether lanes are open to traffic. This use of technology will enhance safety and improve the flow of traffic by providing motorists information about the conditions within their lane (and alert them to what’s up ahead). The information provided by these overhead lane signs will be real time, designed to help motorists navigate safely through traffic.


Without Smart Lanes: Street camera captured video of a stalled vehicle crash on I-94 at Dale Street.


Active traffic management tools have proven effective at reducing collisions and improving traffic flow in Europe. This technology has resulted in several benefits including a 30 percent reduction in collisions and a 22 percent increase in roadway capacity.


Smart Lanes are easy to understand to provide motorists travel choice

A green arrow indicates that the lane is open for use.

Yellow arrows warn drivers to proceed in the lane using caution. A red X means the lane is closed and drivers should prepare to merge soon.


“Bus Only” lanes are created to give Metro Transit vehicles an open lane for travel. Passenger vehicles are not permitted to travel in these lanes, except in emergency situations.


A diamond designates a MnPASS Express Lane that offers a congestion-free choice for carpoolers, transit riders and solo drivers who pay a fee based on congestion levels.