Safety and Mobility Interchange Program

January 2011

Safety and Mobility Interchange Program

$44.5 million in grants towards the construction of highway interchange projects will promote safety and reduce congestion at four dangerous intersections in Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro area. The Safety and Mobility Interchange Program (SaM) grants are funded through a bond appropriation made by the 2010 Legislature and designated specifically for interchanges.


The grants will enable four projects to be constructed earlier than they otherwise would have been, reducing both crashes and congestion sooner. These projects will replace existing signalized intersections with interchanges and ramps.


The grants awarded under this program are for interchanges at:


Each of these projects has funds from other sources committed to them as well. The total value of the construction on these four projects exceeds $70 million. MnDOT received 15 applications requesting $153 million for the $44.5 million in available funds.


The purpose of the SaM Interchange Program is to provide funding for


“…construction of interchanges involving a trunk highway…” that “…relieve growing traffic congestion, and promote traffic safety…”


as appropriated in Minnesota Laws 2010 Chapter 388, Section 2. Note that $30 million of the Chapter 388, Section 2 appropriation will be distributed through the Transportation Economic Development (TED) Program, a joint effort of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.


Applicants were required to provide the information requested in the SaM Interchange Program solicitation:


The required KA crash and approach traffic volume data came from the 2009 crash data toolkit. Applications for the SaM Interchange Program were accepted from MnDOT districts only.