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Department of Public Safety - Minnesota State Patrol at RTMC Overview

The Minnesota State Patrol is responsible for ensuring a safe environment on Minnesota's roadways. Through collaboration with state and federal partners, including Mn/DOT, the State Patrol has implemented a number of significant technological upgrades to enhance public safety.

With funding from the U.S. Department of Justice the State Patrol adopted an automated computer-aided dispatch system in year of 2002. The system, which is one of the most contemporary in the state, replaces a number of cumbersome manual processes, help manage the workload of RTMC communications operations, and allows multiple users to access information simultaneously. It also permits a number of new functions, including automated vehicle location, and allows for the addition of others.

The State Patrol has also installed mobile data computers in 180 squad cars in greater Minnesota and replaced metro-area terminals with laptops that interface with RTMC. These systems, which allow troopers to query a variety of systems, including the National Crime Information Center, enhance officer security, homeland security and overall public safety.

Through a partnership with Mn/DOT, the State Patrol is working to deploy transportation operations communications centers (TOCCs) in nine locations throughout greater Minnesota. The TOCCs, which will bring together the resources of the State Patrol and Mn/DOT will serve as communications hubs for emergency response, enforcement, transit services, maintenance operations, traffic management, and traveler information.


For further information please visit the State Patrol web site.