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Herbicide use and policy

MnDOT and contract pesticide applicators treat up to 10% (approximately 17,500 acres) of MnDOT owned greenspace is sprayed on an annual basis using selective spraying techniques. According to MnDOT’s herbicide policy and guidelines, herbicides may be applied by licensed applicators or trained non-licensed applicators as described below. Trained non-licensed applicators may apply general use herbicides only in the following situations:

  1. Trained non-licensed MnDOT personnel may apply contact herbicides such as glyphosate (commonly sold under Roundup tradename), pre-emergent herbicide such as oryzalin (commonly sold under Surflan tradename) and plant growth regulators to kill or suppress unwanted vegetation in rest area/travel information centers, headquarter sites, truck stations, storage yards, communication towers and around guardrails.
  2. Trained, non-licensed MnDOT personnel may apply Ready To Use stump treatments [(excluding picloram, commonly sold under the tradenames Tordon RTU or Pathway)] to freshly cut brush stumps.
  3. Trained, non-licensed applicators shall use only general use and/or approved RTU product

MnDOT’s licensed applicators maintain licenses in general ground (category A) and right-of-way (category J) and some maintain licenses in pocket gopher (category P) and/or turf and ornamentals (category E). Licensed applicators recertify according to Minnesota Department of Agriculture requirements at one of six opportunities provided by the Minnesota Pesticide Information and Education organization. Depending on category requirements, this is usually every other year.

Herbicides with the active ingredient picloram (Tordon K™ and Tordon 101™) are the only “restricted use” herbicides used by MnDOT and are applied by only licensed applicators. All pesticides MnDOT uses are registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and Minnesota Department of Agriculture. All herbicides used on the right-of-way are labeled for such use.


Herbicide Labels & Material Safety Data Sheets