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Road Construction- Steps Involved

How an idea becomes a road
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The long and winding road to construction


Improving the state's roads and bridges takes continuous planning, designing, constructing and maintaining. It can be a long and winding road, however, and it does take time. The signs on this winding road illustrate the construction process. Just follow the signs along the route to see how an idea becomes a road.



MnDOT's long-range planning process looks at the transportation needs of a region 20 years in advance of project funding. MnDOT identifies projects proposed for construction 10 years in advance and selects projects for construction three years in advance.

Each MnDOT district's Area Transportation Partnership, a group that represents broad community membership, annually selects projects that improve the area's transportation system.


Visit the Office of Investment Management Web site to view the 20-year plan, 10 year highway work plan and more,



Designers develop project designs to meet transportation needs. They also look at the social, economic and environmental impact that each design might have on the community. Citizens are invited to review the designs and offer their input.



Project construction can last for months or years depending on the size of the project. Safety for the traveling public and for the workers during construction is vital to the success of the project.



The state's roads and bridges are maintained year round to keep them safe and in good operating condition.