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Road Construction- It Takes Time

How an idea becomes a road
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Minnesota's roads are aging


More goods are being moved on highways than ever before, which causes pavement to wear out faster. Also, traffic congestion is increasing on metro roadways. Addressing these problems means doing more projects, bigger projects and more complex projects that compete for funding. During the design phase, MnDOT must get project layout approval from cities; involve 19 federal and state agencies; consider 49 federal and 25 state environmental laws; and look at 26 environmental subjects.


There are many stops along the road to construction of a major road project. Click on the boxes below to find out more about why road construction takes time.


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Improving the state's roads and bridges takes continuous planning, designing, constructing and maintaining.

Project funding decisions are based on whether the project will help move people and goods efficiently and economically. Major road reconstruction projects that encounter relatively few obstacles take five to eight years from planning to opening to travel. MnDOT seeks citizen input on transportation because Minnesota's roads and bridges belong to everyone.