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Enterprise Risk Management




The resources listed on this page consist of an integrated risk register template, MnDOT’s enterprise risk management framework, monthly strategic risk-register, quarterly reports, and other documents that have influenced the development of MnDOT’s Enterprise Risk Management program. This includes VicRoads of Australia, the International Organization for Standardization, and the Federal Highway Administration to name several.


Integrated Risk Register Process

The Integrated Risk Register is a form used for documenting and monitoring risks. There are several elements to the document that aid in the process of risk management. It requires the user to think about the risk as it would exist with no management controls in place. It then requires an assessment of the potential consequences with the existing controls, and finally, provides room for an assessment on any additional controls that may be warranted, what the time frame is for completion, and what the expected consequences of the risk event would be after implementation of the risk management plan may be.

Integrated Risk Register Template (XLS, 1 MB)

Illustration of Potential Impacts

The illustration of potential impacts provides examples of consequences that are aligned to the severity of the risk. Once the severity has been aligned with the likelihood of occurrence, one would have a rating of the risk.  The illustration of impacts serves as a guide for the assessment and criteria by which MnDOT’s risks are assessed. This include 10 broad categories that are addressed by the department’s management processes.

MnDOT Illustration of Potential Impacts (XLS, .1 MB)


Within the link are documents that have influenced the creation of MnDOT’s Enterprise Risk Management Program. See the influences


Many of the links are additional influences that have contributed to the development of the office of Enterprise Risk Management. Other links that are included are tied to systems that are accessible by specific MnDOT employees. See the list of additional influences