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Transportation Research Videos

These videos showcase the innovation of Transportation Research by various state, national, and international research groups and governments. MnDOT's Research Services has selected these videos and will continue to update them to help display the value of ongoing research, whether it be on the local or the international level, to better connect the world of transportation research.

Highways for Life: 2010 Innovation


The Federal Highway Administration's Highways for Life Plan was established in 2005 to change the way the highway system is built to reflect today's transportation realities. This video details some of the recent Highways for Life's plans and accomplishments that affect our countries driving infrastructure


Safety Edge


This video features the asphalt Safety Edge, the FHWA's simple but effective solution to drivers drifting off the road.

Bridge and Tunnels: Robert F. Kennedy Bridge LED Lights


This video documents the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's change from Mercury Vapor lightbulbs to LED lightbulbs and explains why they chose the process that they did.

Hybrid Composite Beams


The Missouri Department of Transportation "kclICON" Project included the widening of 4.7 miles of highway from 4 to 6 lanes within Kansas City's most heavily traveled river crossing corridor while keeping the existing corridor open to the daily users during construction.

Time- Lapse Video of Keg Creek Bridge Replacement


A time lapse video showing accelerated bridge construction (ABC) techniques used by a local contractor to replace a three-span bridge on U.S. 6 over Keg Creek in Pottawattamie County, Iowa.

Bridge Replacement with Movers

(UK, NR)

A time lapse video of the United Kingdom's Network Rail replacing the Honeybourne bridge.

CVIS Final Video


A video looking at transportation projects within the European Union.

FREILOT pilot on Urban Freight Energy Efficiency


FREILOT is a 3- year long pilot on increasing freight energy efficiency.

TransLink next bus via phone


A video highlighting British Colombia's TransLink new system of bus stop schedule awareness through cell phones.

Solar Photovoltaics in Indian Railways


Indian Railways has implemented a program of installing Solar Photocoltaics to charge and operate the train signaling systems as a way to cut costs and fight against the shortage of electricity in India while maintaining their transportation needs.