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2014 Peer Exchange - MnROAD Pavement Research

Pavement research groupSummary

Pavement experts from around North America met in Minnesota in June 2014 to discuss the latest issues and ideas in pavement design and construction. They reviewed the latest research coming out of MnROAD, the state's pavement testing facility, and shared their ideas for future studies and better implementation.

Participants: Minnesota, Maine, Texas Illinois, Michigan California, Ontario, Wisconsin, Indiana DOTs; University of Washington; Jackson County; FHWA; TRB.


Day 1

2014 Peer Exchange Agenda Presentation (.pdf)
Review of past "Value of Research" Peer Exchange (.pdf)
MnROAD Overview (.pdf)

Pooled fund studies discussion:

Minnesota Local Road Research Board - Implementation and Benefits (.pdf)

Day 2


Phase III Research Ideas (.pdf) - breakout discussion
Low Volume Road cell status (.pdf) and Mainline cell status (.pdf)

Day 3

Further discussion on possible future research projects

Survey results

Asphalt (PDF)
Concrete (PDF)
General topics (PDF)
Pavement Preservation (PDF)

Final Report

Quantifying & Communicating the Value of Research Implementation for MnROAD Phase-II Research Projects and Development of MnROAD’s Future Research (.pdf, 55 pages, 1MB)