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FY 2018 MnDOT Research Implementation Awards

The Transportation Research and Innovation Group (TRIG), the governing board for the state research program, has tentatively approved the following research implementation proposals for funding. Some projects were identified for a possible reduction in scope and/or budget. Proposals are only preliminary. All final work plans will be developed and approved by Technical Advisory Panels.

MnDOT BMP's for Potentially Acid-Generating (PAG) Rock* **

Proposed by Jason Richter, Materials & Road Research

Implementation of Recycled Unbound Base Material Properties for MnPAVE**

Proposed by Dave Van Deusen and Hyung Jun Ahn, Office of Materials & Road Research

Real-Time Integration of Arrow Board Messages into Traveler Information Systems*

Proposed by Cory Johnson, Office of Traffic, Safety, and Technology

Mobile Imaging for Data Collection

Proposed by Rebecca Embacher, Office of Materials & Road Research

Evaluation of Central Traffic Signal System and Best Practices for Implementation*

Proposed by Kevin Schwartz, Metro District

Rolling Density Meter (RDM) Implementation in 2017 Construction Projects***

Proposed by Shongtao Dai, Office of Materials & Road Research

Reduce Vehicle-Animal Collisions with Installation of Small Animal Exclusion Fencing

Proposed by Christopher Smith and Peter Leete Office of Environmental Stewardship

* Possible budget and/or scope reduction
** Possible cost-share with research partner
***Equipment purchase to be funded separately

Other Actions:

Fading of Fluorescent Yellow Signs- Funding approved for a Transportation Research Snythesis
Proposed by Josie Tayse, Metro District

Installation and Evaluation of New Dowel Bar Retrofit Configurations for Short-to-Moderate Term Ride Improvement - Alternative funding source identified
Proposed by Dan Labo, District 3